Domestic Abuse Awareness Week 2015

Published on 01/10/2015

This year's Domestic Abuse (DA) Awareness Week runs from Monday 5th October to Sunday 11th October. The theme, once again, is ‘Love shouldn't hurt.’

The week aims to help everyone recognise what constitutes a healthy relationship, particularly teenagers and young people. It also helps raise awareness of how unhealthy relationships can lead to domestic abuse. Abuse in relationships is never ‘OK’ – it’s not normal or acceptable, and it’s not just physical violence that makes a relationship abusive – controlling behaviour can be a sign that the relationship may become abusive.

So, this Domestic Abuse Awareness Week helps us spread the word about the services available in Surrey that deal with domestic abuse; so those who may be experiencing abuse know where and how to get help and advice.

Take action if you are experiencing domestic abuse or if you’re in an unhealthy relationship or you know someone who is. You can do this by: